King Farm

Rockville MD Real Estate which resembles Pleasantville


Have you ever wished you could live in a place like Pleasantville, well the Rockville Maryland real estate found in King Farm may be just what you are looking for.  These Rockville Maryland homes are located less then a mile away from the Shady grove metro station, and there is a private shuttle, which will take you to the metro Monday through Friday. Since King Farm is a mixed-use development, it is composed of both Rockville MD homes, and businesses.   When the developer designed this mixed-use community, one of the goals was to make sure that it would be walkable.  These are but a few of the features that the Rockville MD real estate owners in king farm get to enjoy.

Residents can book the Saddle Ridge Circle Community Center located at 300 Saddle ridge Dive.  The range of events that this room can be used for is vast, you can book this room for events from a wedding reception all the way to a high school graduation.  This 1200 Square foot clubroom is decorated very elegantly with a gas fireplace, easychairs, couches, and stackable chairs and tables.  When you rent this room you also get use of its full kitchen.  For other events you can also rent The Village Center Community room located at 800 Pleasant Drive suite 200.  This is a 1500 Square foot area that is perfect for children’s birthday parties or just your good old fashion card game.  This community room is also equipped with a   refrigerator/freezer and a microwave that renters can use.  

If you are someone who is very active, you will be happy to know that the King Farm community also has a fitness room.  The fitness center is located in the Saddle Ridge Community center.  To obtain access to this room you must either be an owner or a tenant.  If you are a tenant in order to obtain access to the fitness facilities you must make sure that a copy of your lease agreement is on file with the management office.  The work out facility is equipped with cable television.  
Finally if you are someone who enjoys being outside this community also features a pool and park.  The King Farm Park is a 12 acre park with an open field, restrooms, play ground equipment, benches, a softball/baseball field, a multi use field.  There are also 2 tennis courts with lights, 4 basketball courts, and 2 water fountains located in this park.  Finally this community also features several pools. The pools are usually available for use between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  The pool access is restricted to owners, tenants, and the residents of the Village Center Apartment community.  As you can see this community offers something for everyone.  

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